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Credit history is one of the important documents that must be included when registering something, including when applying for loans to the bank, for example such as ABC, IKR, KKD, etc. Currently, to apply for a loan, we only need to apply for a Credit history as a first step, and loans can be obtained immediately. The ease of applying for a loan is often used by borrowing the ID card of the closest people, even though this step is not appropriate, especially for those of you who borrowed their Credit history. see for more notes

There are many factors that make someone forced to borrow someone else’s ID card to apply for a loan. Here are some examples:

  1. Your friend wants to apply for ABC because it requires money to finance certain needs. But they feel that the fixed income that he gets will not be enough to meet the requirements of the bank in order to get a large loan. Therefore, they ask your help to apply for a loan, they promise to pay the remaining installments regularly every month to your account.
  2. Your uncle lives in Palembang and plans to buy a car. But because of the high price differences between Jakarta and outside Jakarta, he took the initiative to buy a car from a dealer in Jakarta. Of course, only Jabodetabek area ID card holders can buy a car at the dealer , and because you are the owner of the Central Jakarta ID card, he asks for your help. Just like the first example, your uncle promised to only borrow your Credit history and apply for the KKD to pay all the DPs and installments for the next few years on a regular basis.

The similarity of the two examples above lies in the moral encouragement of someone to help the closest people, in this case friends or family. Helping other people is very good, but for debt problems especially if the Credit history is borrowed by a friend to apply for a loan, of course you have to think twice. Why so?


Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Refuse If A Credit history Is Borrowed To Apply For Loans

1. Payment of Stagnant Installments can Affect Your Historical IDI

Installment loan

Although this is not desirable, the case that often occurs when a Credit history is borrowed by a friend is that the borrower does not pay the installments regularly.

Delays in paying installments can affect the score on your Historical IDI. Usually the data will be immediately updated by the bank to Bank Indonesia when you are late making payments. Of course you don’t want your name to be recorded badly in historical IDI records, right?


2. If you are less fortunate, it is you who must pay the remaining installments

loan installments

The worst case is when a friend / family who borrows your Credit history is actually absent from their obligations. Not a few people who even fled and charged all debts borne by people who borrowed their Credit history.

The bank usually does not want to know about who is applying for a loan, so usually they will still hold the person who registered his name (in this case you) to pay off the debt. So, you are the one who must pay the remaining installments.


3. You will also be pursued by the Debt Collectors

3. You will also be pursued by the Debt Collectors

One of the effects when your Credit history is borrowed and is not responsible for paying is that you are pursued by debt collectors. Just like the points in number two, the bank certainly doesn’t want to know how the lending process takes place between you and your friends / relatives.

The bank will still demand accountability from the party registered with the name and Credit history, so that debt collectors will also visit the registered billing address. Like it or not, it is your home or office address that will be approached. Very annoying, right?


4. Damaging Friendship / Brotherhood Relationships

4. Damaging Friendship / Brotherhood Relationships

When a Credit history is borrowed by a friend or friend to borrow a friend, and the payment is stuck, of course there is a relational impact that is felt. Your friendship or brotherhood relationship will certainly have a pretty bad effect, initially that’s fine because based on trust can lead to a fight. Therefore, it is better to think twice before deciding to borrow a Credit history to apply for a loan by a friend or relative.


What is the Right Way to Protect Yourself When a Credit history Is Borrowed to Apply for a Loan?

1. Find Out Why They Can’t Get Loans

1. Find Out Why They Can

Of course there is a reason why your friend or relative chooses to borrow your Credit history when applying for a loan. For some cases, for example, because the domicile in the Credit history does not adequately support the requirements, there are also those who are indeed in the status of Historical IDI that has entered collectability 5 (blacklist). If indeed that’s the reason, you should be able to be more confident not to lend your ID card.


2. Give Cash Assistance

2. Give Cash Assistance

Another solution that you can do to protect when a Credit history is borrowed to apply for a loan is to provide cash assistance as needed. Of course you also need to be aware from the start, when lending money to friends / relatives in need, you should not expect too much of the money to come back.

This is considering the financial condition of those who at that time needed a loan. If it is positive to help, you should see if there will be an initiative from the borrower to return your money.


3. Help Them to Find Other Options in Getting Loans

3. Help Them to Find Other Options in Getting Loans

If you are reluctant to provide personal assistance, you can still help them by finding other options. When a friend / relative has difficulty applying for a loan to the bank, the alternative loan that can be taken is to use a multi-purpose company (multi).

Usually companies like this do not really care about historical IDI (if the loan nominal is not too high). Requirements that must be completed also include Credit history. However, usually a loan through a leasing / multipurpose company will use collateral, so indeed your friends / relatives should be more careful in choosing the conditions that further relieve them.


4. If You Are Sure They Are Reliable, At Least Prepare A Credit Agreement Letter

4. If You Are Sure They Are Reliable, At Least Prepare A Credit Agreement Letter

Basically we absolutely do not recommend you to lend ID cards to friends / relatives who want to apply for loans. But if you are forced to, as the validity of the agreement you and your friends / relatives should make a credit agreement signed on the stamp.

This is useful if in the event of a default and want to be brought into legal channels, the letter can be used as evidence in the trial. Next, you also have to check with the bank, because not all banks will acknowledge such credit agreement letters.

If only there is arrears, of course your name will be blacklisted by Bank and you too, which will be pursued by debt collectors. The loss of your name in the BI Historical IDI can certainly have a bad impact if you want to apply for a loan for an emergency fund.

Zero-interest car financing: discover all the advantages /zero-interest-car-financing-discover-all-the-advantages/ Wed, 15 May 2019 03:46:16 +0000 /zero-interest-car-financing-discover-all-the-advantages/


If you want to buy a new car but don’t have the necessary liquidity you can evaluate one of the many solutions financing designed specifically for these particular needs. The market offers various types of Captain Vere cars but one of the most widespread and often publicized formulas, are the zero-interest car loans, or a loan that does not provide for the long-term interest and that will allow you to pay the convenient price by installments original of the car. In this article, we explain how to access these types of financing and how they work.

How does a zero-interest car loan work?

How does a zero-interest car loan work? In recent times, given the economic crisis that has hit the automotive market of the West, more and more car dealerships have reduced or in many cases completely removed interest rates to ensure that their cars were also sold to small savers. The lack of interest rates makes it possible to pay, albeit postponing it over time through convenient monthly installments, the original price of the car without adding substantial extra costs that would otherwise drive up the overall cost of the purchase.


But we must be careful: the “zero interest” offers are not always free. In this sense, it is necessary to check two specific interest rates: the APR (Annual Global Effective Rate) and the TAN (Annual Nominal Rate). The first is an overall cost on an annual basis which includes, in addition to nominal interest, also all those ancillary expenses that occur with the opening of a loan, such as for example the costs of the case, the start-up costs, any reimbursement costs installment and so on;


The TAN is instead limited to calculating the single interest rate on the nominal value of the financed amount. Should you require a new loan and you want this to be effectively at zero rates you will have to make sure that both the APR and the TAN are effectively null, that is that there will be no additional amounts to be paid in addition to the nominal value of the car you have decided to purchase.

Zero rate car loan: what are the expense items to consider?

It is not always easy to find an effective zero-rate loan: trivially the concessionaires who grant these types of loans still need to obtain an effective gain on their granting of money, which is why you will often find very advantageous options that will not, however, be completely at the rate zero.


One of these will be loans with TAN equal to zero (that is, with interest on the nominal value of zero) but with some ancillary expenses to be debited in the form of APR. In this sense, you will be able to consider yourself lucky if you are offered loans with no TAN and an APR of less than 3 %: the interest will be very slight in this case and you can proceed with the financing without too many problems.


Another solution only the mini-installments. This type of financing is dedicated to those who have saved a significant amount of money for their purchase and wish to obtain a subsidy on monthly installments, which will be minimized, however, due to the payment of a substantial “deposit”. Alternatively, you can opt for a variable rate loan, with lower interest rates but variable over time and/or based on the amount granted; or at the reduced rate, lower than the market values, so however it is necessary to rely on a credit institution.

Credit card or take a micro loan? /credit-card-or-take-a-micro-loan/ Fri, 10 May 2019 06:23:52 +0000 /credit-card-or-take-a-micro-loan/

Credit cards and microloans are similar in their availability. If you have a plastic card with an approved credit on your hands, you can pay it at almost any store or, if necessary, withdraw cash at the nearest ATM. If you decide to take a microloan, then in most cases, you will be approved of the necessary amount on the same day. And depending on the service, you will receive a bank card or cash on hand.

One and the second method of financing has its pros and cons. This article will describe the disadvantages of credit cards.

The fact is that today credit card debt is the most common type of debt in our country. 44% of Russians had credit card debt in 2016. For comparison, in 2013 this figure was 38%. This year the number of such debts continues to grow.

So why the percentage of Russians with credit card debt is only growing? There are many small reasons, but above all this is due to the easy availability and usability.

Credit card easily accessible

About ten years ago, credit cards began to be actively used in our country. This “plastic” was convenient for every solvent person. They began to enjoy with pleasure those who previously took one or more loans. And for those who believed that they could live without credit contracts, they liked credit cards because, having issued it, it did not commit anything. But there came a time when every plastic holder still began to actively use it.

Personal experience

Personal experience

As for me, 10 years ago, I told myself that I was groping for loans and would never use them. I did not understand why my acquaintances choose a TV, phone or computer, and then they sit in a queue to a bank representative in the store in order to issue another loan agreement.

At that time, I had a Sberbank debit card, to which my parents transferred me money to pay for housing each month. A few years later I received an SMS with an offer to issue a credit card with a limit of 10,000 rubles. A little thought, I came to the bank and got it. After six months, I learned that there was an interest-free period of 30 days and I decided that I would specifically use the card for purchases and pay off the debt until the end of the period. Thus, I gradually increased my approved card limit.

I made a correct assumption and in half a year I was doubled the limit, and a year later it was raised to 30,000 rubles. What was my pleasant surprise when, a few months before my wedding, I was increased to 50,000 rubles, and at the same time I did not have a penny of debt. To celebrate the wedding, I did not fit into the map, but I took it with me on my honeymoon and there I “gutted” it to zero. The trip was already four years ago, and I still pay monthly payments and are in arrears of more than 30,000 rubles. By the way, the limit was increased a few months ago to 90,000 rubles.

So, for several years I showed the bank that I can handle money correctly and know how to calculate my budget. And the bank, in turn, tempted me more and more, until I decided to use the funds on the card entirely.

I was given a card with a zero credit history and raised the limit year after year. Today, for issuing credit cards, banks have more stringent requirements than ten years ago, but they are still much softer than the conditions for obtaining a conventional loan.

When you make out a specific loan, the loan terms, monthly payments and interest rate are described in the contract. The first thing that can stop a person to take a loan is the realization that the debt must be fully repaid after a certain time. When you make out a credit card, it is very relaxing that there is no such thing as a loan term. In addition, you can not use the entire amount and pay interest only for that part of the money that you really use.

A credit card is convenient to use.

A credit card is convenient to use.

A credit card is always at hand, it almost always has a positive balance. Many make out a plastic card in order for it to be. So, just in case. And such cases occur several times a month, and then more and more often. You go to the grocery store and you do not have enough cash, you ended up in a shopping center and decided to have an unplanned snack or you liked the clothes you wanted to buy right now. All of us may have a variety of needs and desires that can satisfy the amount on the balance of a credit card.

Studies show that about 30% of cardholders spend money on ordinary everyday goods, such as products and goods for children. 16% use “plastic” to buy clothes and electronics. 12% spend on medical services. At 10% for home repairs and vacation. And less than 7% for the repair and maintenance of the car. People over the age of 65 admitted that medical expenses were in the first place in terms of the frequency of using a credit card.

Credit cards can be useful tools, being a kind of lifeline in difficult financial times.

Credit cards can be useful tools, being a kind of lifeline in difficult financial times.

However, task # 1 for each credit card holder is to pay off their debts as soon as possible. Ideally, to close the debt in three to four months, but it is simply impossible for many Russians. If you belong to this majority, focus on reducing your debt every month and in no way increasing it. Otherwise, the debt grows smoothly and with each year closing the loan seems impossible.

Becoming free from debt is a task for all of us, especially if you feel that your financial situation is improving. Life is unpredictable and at any time it may turn out that you will need a lot more money than you have on your balance sheet. If you get rid of debt, you can secure a “pillow” that will protect you if your financial well-being deteriorates dramatically.

How to apply for a loan and not get rejected? /how-to-apply-for-a-loan-and-not-get-rejected/ Wed, 01 May 2019 06:43:17 +0000 /how-to-apply-for-a-loan-and-not-get-rejected/ Goods and services can be ordered online. And what to do when urgently need money? You can go through the offices of finorganizatsy, specifying the conditions and requirements, to lose time in queues. There is a simpler way – to submit an online application.

But it’s not so easy …

But it

If you decide to receive a cash loan remotely, you can place an application on the lender’s website or submit a request from a special resource with offers from various credit organizations. The positive moment of the second option is the possibility of comparing the parameters of several organizations. The disadvantage is that the information is irrelevant or does not reflect the nuances of the proposal. It is possible to get a refusal if you incorrectly indicate in the application form:

  1. The phone number (or it will be invalid when the representative of the creditor organization calls up for more information).
  2. INN (if it is entered incorrectly and the other information is correct, then you can send the request again, if the INN is entered correctly, there is no possibility to change other fields of the questionnaire).
  3. Type of employment (persons on maternity leave or temporarily not working are often refused).
  4. The loan amount (the monthly payment should not be more than half of total income – the income and expenses of the family are taken into account).
  5. False place of registration, work or incorrect data documents.

Are failures dangerous?

Are failures dangerous?


Financial organizations change their credit policy. The refusal received once does not mean its removal in the future. You need to send a second request at the end of the period of validity of the verdict upon request (it reaches 60 days).

If a cash loan is needed urgently, then you should try to choose another kind of it (credit cards). Frequent refusals are fraught with blacklisting of the applicant. Is a man aggressively looking for money? So will they persistently return them?

What documents are required?

MFIs often have a civil passport. Banks require a second document. This may be an INN, international passport, driver or retiree certificate.

The presence of supporting documents affects the decision of the lender. You do not have to provide a certificate in the form 2-NDFL. It is enough to fill it in the form of the bank.

Why use outside help?

Why use outside help?


In the absence of time or the desire to look for profitable options, it is worth contacting the “Credit Laboratory” proven broker. This is an intermediary between the lender and the applicant, helping to get borrowed funds in cash. Thanks to such assistance, lenders are more willing to cooperate with applicants, it is possible not only to get a cash loan, but also to choose institutions and offers. The work of professional brokers is based on data collection. The specialist is responsible for choosing the credit program for the client, for which he receives a reward:

  • the more the loan amount is needed, the more important the help: it will be possible to save on overpayment, to reduce the time for processing the transaction;
  • self-collection of documentation for registration of a loan hassle, papers may be small for a financial institution. The broker guarantees that the lender does not put forward additional requirements;
  • Payments for debt repayment are not easy for the average person. Sometimes the financial institutions themselves are incompetent in terms of payment, interest charges and terms. The broker will clarify;
  • privileges are given to the borrower: bonuses in the form of discounts;
  • important point: the opportunity to refinance / refinancing. An experienced specialist will inform the applicant, will achieve a reduction in the rate, recalculation of the credit amount.

People are afraid to waste time. The loss of self-effort results in more. In the reluctance to shell out for someone’s help, the logic is visible: a person needs financial help in cash, as he is constrained in money. Sometimes the cost of brokerage services is overwhelming, but still it is worth trying to get help in obtaining a loan in Moscow and evaluate mediation services.

Debt Consolidation Technique /debt-consolidation-technique/ /debt-consolidation-technique/#respond Sat, 30 Mar 2019 14:17:46 +0000 /debt-consolidation-technique/

Method allows the reduction of debt making it one of the most advantageous and practical options of the market.

Some methods can help to scratch once and for all defaults and one of them is debt consolidation, that is, the technique of concentrating all your debts into one by means of a loan . Practice contributes to getting rid of different interest rates and the complicated task of having agreements with different lenders. The technique is being welcomed by the economic recession, which was intensively experienced last year and forced most citizens to review spending.

Analyze interest rates

 Debt Consolidation Technique  

The first thing to do is to analyze the interest rates on your installments, including your credit card. In many cases, borrowing with smaller interest to pay off debts may be more advantageous. Among the types of loans practiced by the market, payroll-deductible loans have the lowest rates, ranging from 2.1% to 3.1%. To get an idea, credit card interest, for example, spends at 15.6% per month. Guidance is to never fail to compare before any decision.

The task of analyzing takes time, but it is crucial to know if it is worth hiring the loan. With the consolidation of debts it is possible to have a greater control of the debit balance besides being a good way to save time and money.

Credit Portability

Also study the possibility of performing Credit Portability , which allows you to transfer a debt from one financial institution to another with lower interest. The transaction has been guaranteed by the law of consumer law since 2006. It takes dedication and effort, which will be compensated with the current accounts bringing more tranquility and quality of life.


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