How to apply for a loan and not get rejected?

Goods and services can be ordered online. And what to do when urgently need money? You can go through the offices of finorganizatsy, specifying the conditions and requirements, to lose time in queues. There is a simpler way – to submit an online application.

But it’s not so easy …

But it

If you decide to receive a cash loan remotely, you can place an application on the lender’s website or submit a request from a special resource with offers from various credit organizations. The positive moment of the second option is the possibility of comparing the parameters of several organizations. The disadvantage is that the information is irrelevant or does not reflect the nuances of the proposal. It is possible to get a refusal if you incorrectly indicate in the application form:

  1. The phone number (or it will be invalid when the representative of the creditor organization calls up for more information).
  2. INN (if it is entered incorrectly and the other information is correct, then you can send the request again, if the INN is entered correctly, there is no possibility to change other fields of the questionnaire).
  3. Type of employment (persons on maternity leave or temporarily not working are often refused).
  4. The loan amount (the monthly payment should not be more than half of total income – the income and expenses of the family are taken into account).
  5. False place of registration, work or incorrect data documents.

Are failures dangerous?

Are failures dangerous?


Financial organizations change their credit policy. The refusal received once does not mean its removal in the future. You need to send a second request at the end of the period of validity of the verdict upon request (it reaches 60 days).

If a cash loan is needed urgently, then you should try to choose another kind of it (credit cards). Frequent refusals are fraught with blacklisting of the applicant. Is a man aggressively looking for money? So will they persistently return them?

What documents are required?

MFIs often have a civil passport. Banks require a second document. This may be an INN, international passport, driver or retiree certificate.

The presence of supporting documents affects the decision of the lender. You do not have to provide a certificate in the form 2-NDFL. It is enough to fill it in the form of the bank.

Why use outside help?

Why use outside help?


In the absence of time or the desire to look for profitable options, it is worth contacting the “Credit Laboratory” proven broker. This is an intermediary between the lender and the applicant, helping to get borrowed funds in cash. Thanks to such assistance, lenders are more willing to cooperate with applicants, it is possible not only to get a cash loan, but also to choose institutions and offers. The work of professional brokers is based on data collection. The specialist is responsible for choosing the credit program for the client, for which he receives a reward:

  • the more the loan amount is needed, the more important the help: it will be possible to save on overpayment, to reduce the time for processing the transaction;
  • self-collection of documentation for registration of a loan hassle, papers may be small for a financial institution. The broker guarantees that the lender does not put forward additional requirements;
  • Payments for debt repayment are not easy for the average person. Sometimes the financial institutions themselves are incompetent in terms of payment, interest charges and terms. The broker will clarify;
  • privileges are given to the borrower: bonuses in the form of discounts;
  • important point: the opportunity to refinance / refinancing. An experienced specialist will inform the applicant, will achieve a reduction in the rate, recalculation of the credit amount.

People are afraid to waste time. The loss of self-effort results in more. In the reluctance to shell out for someone’s help, the logic is visible: a person needs financial help in cash, as he is constrained in money. Sometimes the cost of brokerage services is overwhelming, but still it is worth trying to get help in obtaining a loan in Moscow and evaluate mediation services.